Date: 29th November 2007 at 3:26am
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The Lions face Premiership giants Bournemouth this coming Saturday in front of a heaving 35,000 fan packed Den. And back to planet earth…

December is upon us and so is Round Two of the F.A. Cup, Round Two, the last time I heard that low a round I was being knocked out of a ring at a bar boxing event in Moscow, then it went ding dong, the bell didn’t, I did.

When they pushed me into the makeshift ring in front of the bar at the start, one said dosvedanya, I said ‘thanks very much, down yours as well.’ Little did I know at the time, he meant goodbye, see you later, syanara. He wasn’t far wrong. Pajalsta, I mouthed all bloody in the aftermath.

Oi, I did my best, some of their women boxers are huge… 38DD, swingers.

Millwall’s heard round two recently as well, last season when we dropped into the division I saw us play in first almost nine years ago next month. Doesn’t time fly… no it was a bleeding long time ago but it does fly a little, different screen, different harddrive, different mouse but same computer and same **** sat in front of it.

Last year’s campaign saw us dispense with Havant A Clueville 2-1 at Southampton’s ground with ‘I predict a riot’ fading into the sunset rather swiftly, being replaced by their new hit single ‘Silent night.’

Then we just about slid past Bradford between two legs and then Stoke took us from the rear two times in a night game at the third stage, the result didn’t shock anyone although back to back 4-1 wins certainly gave us a little hope beforehand.

This time we have Bournemouth, beat the Cherries and we’re back where we should be starting, Rouuuund Three. It will have been six weeks since they made the journey to us, the Lions winning 2-1 in the league, Bob Hoskins and Katie O’Hara doing the business to secure three points. Gone with the wind – you bet they were.

But they’re back and at the Den this Saturday to try and take on the revamped, strengthened Lions, a side renewed in faith and passion looking to march to europe on the back of a swiftly made paper aeroplane, fired on by none other than match day curry.

Can we beat Bournemouth and find ourselves in round three proper? I doubt it very much, life just aint that good to us is it, but have faith, stand firm, we can do this bunch of amaretto drinkers, I believe we’re in for a cup run but who will be wily enough to nick it in the first place. Come on you Lions.


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